Tokio Joe is one of the best-loved dining establishments in Lan Kwai Fong. Its creative dishes, cosy and laidback vibe, and impeccable service have proved to be a winning formula, ensuring its longevity in the competitive world of hospitality in Hong Kong.

The team’s dedication to providing the best dining experience to guests is one of the hallmarks in the restaurant’s success, and Tokio Joe’s innovative take on contemporary Japanese cuisine keeps guests returning time and time again.



Li Siu Wah

A homegrown Hongkonger, Chef Li Siu Wah entered the industry in the 1980s and has been with Tokio Joe since 1996. Prior to joining the restaurant, Chef Li worked with Japanese chefs for a decade and also spent some time in Canada before eventually returning to his hometown. Over the years, Chef Li has worked hard to ensure Tokio Joe stands out among its competition in the city, with rigorous attention to detail as well as constant reinvention of its dishes.


Chef Yuen

Chef Yuen has been around since the early days of Tokio Joe. Joining the team as an apprentice at its opening back in 1995, he trained under numerous mentors at the restaurant before working his way up to become a chef. Chef Yuen’s considerable knowledge of Japanese food, combined with a deep understanding of what guests look for at Tokio Joe, mean that he delivers innovative offerings without compromising on their authenticity.



Manager Jimmy Lai has been at Tokio Joe for 18 years, building up a relationship with Tokio Joe’s stream of loyal customers as well as welcoming new visitors. Jimmy and his team are constantly communicating with customers, often inviting  regulars to sample newly created dishes and provide feedback.



The atmosphere is very pleasant and the food is excellent, especially the "nego toro temaki" prepared by Ajun is outstanding. We come over 10 years to Tokio Joe and we feel very "at home" Rob T


The Dim Sum Diaries

The excellent service at Tokio Joe comes with a smile, even when the restaurant is at capacity.



“I highly recommend their tuna tartare or any spicy tuna roll. It is like heaven in your mouth. The fish is always fresh, and they give you enough rice-to-fish to let you enjoy every single mouthwatering bite. “Lizzie W